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It was a sunny day without a cloud ☀️
This time we visited Tokyo Prince’s buffet restaurant Porto ニコニコ
I go to various hotel buffet restaurants, but this may be the best (or at least within top3) in terms of the balance across quality, price, atmosphere.

It’s a spacious space 😊


Let’s go!
Now Hokkaido Fair 🍈
Various salads スター

Cold dishes
  • Hokkaido cream cheese and dried fruit petite tart スター
  • Hokkaido chicken terrine スター
  • Panzenera スター
  • Charcuterie plate スター
  • Cold soup made from pure white corn from Hokkaido スター

  • Spanish style tomato soup, Hokkaido Sanpei soupスター Cumin-scented beef curry, Hokkaido soup curry スター
  • Croissant, brioche, pain au chocolat, raisin danish スター

  • Nanban pickled white fishスター Okra hijiki shiso flavor and various soba condiments スター
  • Stone-milled soba スター Conger chirashi sushiスター

  • Sunchu Salad スター
  • Iberico pork teppanyaki スター Mini Tokachi beef cheese burger スター
  • Hokkaido sausage スター Sauerkrautスター

  • Roast beefスター
  • French fries and garlic onion スター
  • Roasted vegetables スター

  • Pasta with a lot of cheeseスター
  • There are three sauces: cacio e pepe, cod roe and mushroom cream, and Hokkaido onion amatriciana スター

  • Hokkaido Nemuro Escalope スター Dundley porkスター
  • Basque-style cheese gratine with chicken and tomato stew スター Seafood Bouillabaisse スター

  • Zangi, shrimp stick spring rolls, Hokkaido potato croquette スター
  • Three types of dim sum (steamed Honghua bao, Xiao long bao, Hokkaido squid shumai) スター
  • Okhotsk Salt Yakisoba (Fried noodles) スター Fried pork with tsuta sauce スター

  • Fisherman’s grilled salmon スター Shrimp flavored savory egg custard スター Fried eggplant スター
  • Pickles, mixed nuts, olives スター

  • 6 types of gelato (Chocolate, vanilla, mango, haskap, red meat melon, lychee)スター
  • Hokkaido Ohagi (sticky rice ball coated with Hokkaido red bean paste) スター New Summer Orange crystal mochi スター

  • Panna cotta スター
  • Cheesecake スター Yogurt blueberry mousse スター

  • Matcha cake スター Pumpkin tart スター
  • Tiramisuスター Strawberry shortcake スター

  • Freshly squeezed Mont Blanc スター

Various drinks スター

Special view

Luckily, a window side seat was given to us.
The impressive Tokyo Tower 🗼 was right in front of us✨
Prince-affiliated buffet restaurants are often located on the first floor or basement, but this Tokyo Prince is very open and I like it the most among Prince restaurants ♥

Eating 照れ

The cold corn soup was super sweet and good おねがい
I think the roast beef was a little tough.
The shrimp spring rolls were freshly fried and crispy おねがい

The three types of dim sum were juicy and inside, but the skins were little crispy and dry 💦
The soup curry on the left side had a light curry flavor with a seafood flavor and was easy to eat!
As the name suggests, the beef curry on the right side was loaded with cumin. It had a strong, deep flavor. I preferred it ニコニコ

Every dessert at Porto is big 泣き笑い, so I couldn’t eat all of them 泣き笑い

I chose only some of them based on my preference 飛び出すハート

Freshly squeezed Mont Blanc had a strong chestnut flavor. It was so delicious!

For the gelato, I chose melon and lychee. They were high quality and fresh.

My most favorite one on the day was something plain, but Hokkaido Ohagi (sticky rice ball coated with Hokkaido red bean paste). It was amazing! キラキラ

The sweetness of the red bean paste was just right and I could eat as many as I liked 😋

Porto’s seats are comfortable and we are usually fine with the 90 minute schedule, but here it was already 90 minutes? I felt like time passed so quickly 😮
I would be happy if I could enjoy the buffet with a 120 minute time limit as dinner. I always think so!


PORTO Buffet Dining , Restaurant - Tokyo Prince Hotel
Looking for a restaurant in Shibakoen, Minato City, Tokyo? PORTO Buffet Dining is the best place to enjoy your meal.


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