Toh-Lee, Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba – Dim sum order buffet

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I visited Tori, a Chinese restaurant located in Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba ニコニコ

Chinese Restaurant
Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba A resort hotel perfect for sightseeing in Odaiba. Our hotel features guest rooms with views of Rainbow Bridge and Palette Town, as well ...

We enjoyed a dim sum order buffet which is available only on weekday lunches.

If you make a reservation on the official website, you can get a special price for One Harmony members 飛び出すハート

Since March 2023: 120 minutes per person 5,000 yen4,400 yen

You don’t need to order drinks… you can have a pot of hot tea! I was glad I got free refillsグッド!
The basic dishes come first.
Assorted appetizers⭐️


Soup with shark fin⭐️


Fried mochi with gomoku bean paste, spring rolls⭐️


Shumai, steamed jade shrimp dumplings, steamed seafood dumplings⭐️


I forgot what kind of tea it was…💦
Everything except the appetizer platter is on the order buffet menu, so if you want, you can get a second helping!
Below is the dim sum we had.
Shrimp chili ⭐️
It was so tender!


Takana fried rice⭐️
It was just delicious!



It was full of gravy!
If you don’t eat dim sum as soon as it comes out, it will cool down quickly and stick to the paper underneath, so be careful!
Black vinegar and chopped ginger are not included by default, so if you want, please ask the staff!
Vinegar and soy sauce are always available on the table.


Boiled lettuce with oyster sauce⭐️
It was crispy and good for palate cleansing ◎
Grilled chives dumpling⭐️


Fried yuba rolls simmered in oyster sauce⭐️
I ordered two servings for 2 persons, but as you can see in the photo, it is cut in half, so one serving can be shared by 2 persons.


Tapioca drink, cookies, Senso herbal & turtle shell jelly⭐️


I got the freshly hot made one!
I also had almond tofu (the light type, not the rich type) and vanilla ice cream (it was delicious as it alternated between hot and cold when eaten with the manju).
My impressions…
Most of the dishes were delicious as they were all hotel Chinese food.ニコニコ
And you can relax ◎
Personally, I liked the tapioca milk, the yuba rolls, and the fried mochi!
However, on this day, there were many mistakes in ordering. When the fried rice finally arrived, it felt like it had been warmed up in the microwave, and the rice was chewy. Only the fried rice had a disappointing taste. The Takana fried rice shown in the photo was freshly made and delicious.スター
We were directed to the window side, which is a nice and quiet space, it seemed that the staff had difficulty in noticing us when we wanted to order.
The variety is small considering the price. I felt it would have been even better if there was a noodle dish as well パー

The order buffet will be brought to you without you having to go pick it up yourself! In other words, I realized that it’s good to be able to have leisurely conversations with friends❤️!


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