CEDAR THE CHOP HOUSE & BAR in Roppongi – American style lunch buffet

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Welcome to the Umemi blog 🍒

If you miss American style cuisine in Roppongi, CEDAR THE CHOP HOUSE & BAR would be the good choice for you.

Here’s the report from my monthly buffet day with my buffet friend 🙂

Cedar, which is the main dining area for the Remm Roppongi hotel, aims to offer American style dishes (classic + NY style American food). At lunch time, you can enjoy it as a buffet style.

  • Lunch time: 11:30 ~ 15:00 (L.O. 14:30)
  • Main dish + lunch buffet
    • For 60 mins, weekdays: 2,000 yen ~ / weekends: 2,200 yen ~
    • For 90 mins, weekdays: 2,500 yen ~ / weekends: 2,700 yen ~

The store is spacious ✨

This lunch is served in a buffet style where you choose one main course, then appetizers, salads, soups, breads, desserts, and drinks. Every month, the theme changes. For instance, in this September, they offer Carolina, Alabama, Georgia style BBQ 😚

Buffet menu

Salads ⭐

Salad toppings ⭐

Mixed beans stewed in red wine ⭐

Homemade pork shoulder ham with orange scent ⭐
Gravy sauce ⭐

Fried corn balls with homemade cocktail sauce⭐

Smoked salmon and cream cheese salad
Roll quesadilla⭐

Apple & raspberry marinated cabbage coleslaw⭐

Breads ⭐

Clam chowder and Brunswick stew ⭐

Ice cream – vanilla, strawberry, pistachio⭐

Various cakes 🍰

Baked sweets 🍪 Banana and orange pie 🍰

Drinks ⭐

Eating 😋

The pork shoulder ham was moist and tender ♥ The meat was sweet!

The corn ball was a bit soft and mealy to me.. 💦 Slight corn taste😅

The most delicious was this clam chowder ♥
It was creamy and had a good seafood taste◎
And there were lots of ingredients👏 I received 2 bowls! lol

This is the main dish I ordered!
Half size of Lasagna with mozzarella and chili con carne ⭐

The steam clouded the lens ⤴
It was piping hot🫠
Plenty of cheese and a stable taste that is easy to imagine!

This is the main dish that my friend ordered!
Swordfish and Mussel Clam Bake Cocotte Style ⭐

Carrot cake, tiramisu, banana tart, pistachio ice cream, NY cheesecake, brownies, baked sweets…everything I ate was delicious🤤
I especially liked the banana tart🍌 and carrot cake🥕
CEDAR had a wide variety of desserts ✨

Thank you for the meal🤗
Every month there is a theme and the menu changes, so you’ll never get bored!
It was our first time, but we got the impression that there were a lot of repeat customers☝️
Nonetheless, thanks to the spacious area, it was not so crowded and you can spend your time relaxing even though it’s only 90 minutes ◎
This time I went for the ladies’ course with half the main course, but the buffet had less variety than I expected, so next time I’d like to try the regular course 😆
The hamburger looked delicious too 🤤


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