La Vista Tokyo Bay Hotel stay experience

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Let me share my staying experience at La Vista Tokyo Bay🤗

This is my second stay at this hotel.

I checked in at 7pm after my husband finished work.

I had the impression that check-in at this hotel took a very long time, but it was still better at this time.
The number of self-check-in machines increased significantly.
But there was a long line … 😉

We stayed in a standard twin room.

After checking in, I took a leisurely soak in the natural hot spring ♨
Then, I had some ice cream to cool down. There was a free bowl of ramen ラーメン, but I didn’t have it to prepare for tomorrow’s breakfast 🤭

Next morning …

The morning sky was a little cloudy. After that, the weather changed to sunny skies with strong sunshine ☀

After my morning bath, I enjoyed a free drink.
I think it was apple cider vinegar.🤔

This is the breakfast venue!

There had been a slight change from before, and the seats were not reserved seats, but seats got assigned by the staff.

Dessert area (including fruit one) had been moved to a different location from the main dish. It got a little harder to understand…


below represents the start point of the buffet area.
The main food is seafood🐟

Japanese food, warm vegetables, shrimp shumai, oden, meat and potatoes…and many more⭐

Tempura, Western food, noodles ⭐

Salad and rice. The staff will serve you curry and miso soup.⭐

Fruits, cakes, yogurt, etc.⭐

There was also a bread corner, drinks, and various types of soy sauce!

Here’s what we ate and our impression of the food 看板持ち

It’s right in front of Toyosu Market, so the sashimi (sliced raw fish) was fresh and delicious. Negitoro (minced raw tuna) was especially good 😍

I loved broad bean penne! Pineapple was so sweet!
Sprinkle caramel on the pudding…My husband and I both said at the same time that this pudding was delicious 🤤

I didn’t eat everything, but I think the restaurant had variety of dishes and the quality was constantly good.

I ate so much that I didn’t need lunch 😅

Thank you for the meal!

This breakfast buffet is only available to hotel guests.

I used it on weekdays, but staying overnight on Friday and Saturday seems to be quite crowded 💦

There was also a 7-Eleven (convenience store) in front of the hotel entrance, which was convenient!

On the way back, I wandered around Toyosu Market and tried to take the bus to Tsukiji Market, but now only people involved in the market can ride from the Toyosu Market bus stop ガーン
It seems that the visitors can board from the next stop, Ichiba-mae Station, in front of JAL City Hotel!
Toyosu Market doesn’t have many interesting places in my opinion. It’s so organized for fish buyers. Rather, Tsukiji (ex fish market area) is more exciting to enjoy local foods and human interactions.
Anyways, a hot spring facility will open near La Vista Tokyo in 2024, so it looks like the area in front of Toyosu Market will continue to change and improve ✨


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