Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay stay experience 2/3: evening cocktail time, gym


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Shortly after check-in and afternoon team time, it’s evening cocktail time🤗

The lineup was perfect for those of us who don’t drink alcohol, with a wide selection of meals and desserts♥ We could even use it as a substitute for dinner!

Bibimbap bowl⭐

Cold dishes:

Smoked salmon⭐Salmon rillettes⭐Salami⭐Meatloaf pie⭐

Deep-fried croutons topped with wasabi chicken⭐Wrap roll⭐Vegetable sticks⭐Marinated olives & semi-dried tomatoes⭐Bread and cheese⭐

Hot dishes:

Sauteed shrimp⭐Fried salmon⭐Roasted chicken⭐Roasted pork

Focaccia pizza⭐


Soy milk panna cotta⭐Strawberry shortcake⭐Mixed berry cake⭐

Local peanut mousse⭐Baked cheesecake⭐Fruits⭐

In addition to soft drinks, there was also plenty of alcohol⭐

Below was what we ate💨

You can season the bibimbap bowl to your liking with gochujang, sweet noodle sauce, etc◎It tasted just like I imagined😚 It was great that there were a lot of toppings⤴

The roasted pork was very tender and seasoned well◎ The wrap roll also had lots of vegetables in it and was delicious! The smoked salmon was a huge portion, and it was so delicious😋

The peanut mousse and pear were the stars of the dessert menu this time🤤 They’re both from Chiba prefecture♥ The peanut mousse was creamy and delicious, and the pear was so sweet and juicy👏

There were about three types of fresh juices, and they were all delicious♥ I don’t usually drink juice, but I had a lot of refills time time!

Thank you for the meal🙏

With my stomach full, I went to the gym to sweat a little before going to the spa🏃🏋️

The gym has a free shoe rental service, and they seem to be affiliated with some manufacturer. I wore them for a while, and they were very comfortable and easy to move around in👍

The only changing room was the locker in the Maiyu Spa, which was a little far away, so I changed in my room and headed to the gym.




This looked like a private gym🤭 It was the most spacious and well-equipped gym I’ve ever used in hotels, and easiest to use💨 This was the best👍I got a good workout for about an hour… Off to the Maiyu spa♨️

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the Maiyu spa, but here’s some information.

①The locker key number you are given will be the number of the locker you will use, but the bathroom is a bit of a walk away. If you are shy about being completely naked, you might want to grab a bath towel at the bathroom entrance and change clothes there. There are a lot of bath towels piled up, but if you look closely, you will find a face towel in the corner as well☝️

②There are shampoo, conditioner, and body soap in the bathroom, but I didn’t find any makeup remover.

③The hair dryer was from Mod Hair and was easy to use, but there was no comb!

④I couldn’t find any lotion or emulsion either.

My memory is a bit fuzzy, but this is what I remember from the day I went 😉
The size of the bath isn’t that big, so it’s best to choose a time when there aren’t many people and soak in it slowly♥ There’s also a sauna👍

I went right after it opened the next day and was able to soak in the first-come, first-served bath✨


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