THE HOTEL SANRAKU KANAZAWA stay experience 3 – Breakfast at club lounge

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For the breakfast, I made a reservation for breakfast at Kanazawa Dining Kizahashi on the 1st floor, which has a Japanese-Western buffet 看板持ち
However, the day was Sunday, so I expected it to be crowded, and I heard that the lounge will have a buffet in addition to Japanese or Western set meals, which is usually not the case. I went just to take a photo ウインク

Breakfast at club lounge飛び出すハート


Haagen-Dazs is still available in the morning!
The number of items is small, but if you want to enjoy breakfast slowly and quietly, this might be better… おねがい
If you want to enjoy a lot of dishes, the first floor might be better…おねがい


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