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If you’re in the Tokyo area and looking for a place to get some delicious tonkatsu and other fried foods at a reasonable price, I highly recommend checking out Tonkatsu Kazuko. You won’t be disappointed😀

There are many tonkatsu restaurants, but Wako surpasses other restaurants in every aspect ニコニコ

Seriously, everything is perfect 😋

  • First of all, the cutlet quality is ensured and better than other competitive tonkatsu restaurants. A store manager needs to pass a certification test to deliver delicious pork cutlets. The company regularly checks the chef’s skills to bring out the crispness of deep fry batter and juiciness of the meat 🧐
  • Secondly, it serves high quality rice. You can eat rice in most of the Japanese restaurants, but other restaurants tend to offer mediocre quality rice to save costs. I’ve never seen any other restaurant chains which offer this level of quality rice. Wako doesn’t make compromises in the quality 😲
  • Thirdly, they serve shijimi clam soup, which is tasty and nutritious. It is necessary to get rid of sand to use Shijimi in dishes, but they do it very well 🫡
  • Fourthly, cabbage and dressing. The cabbage is fresh, and it goes well with non-oil yuzu dressing. Other tonkatsu restaurants offer different kinds of dressings, but Wako’s dressing is the best. That may be even good for your souvenir 😉
  • Last but not least, rice, miso soup, and cabbage are all free refills!! You can enjoy the high quality dishes until you completely get full 😺
You can learn how they pursue the ingredients on their web site.
There are similar tonkatsu restaurants. Some other restaurants have “Wako” as part of their names, so make sure you see the restaurant logo, which looks like “▢和幸“, when you visit there ニコニコ
They usually have English menus, so you can ask them if needed 😉

They also serve high quality minced beef cutlets. The quality of minced beef cutlet is also the best among popular tonkatsu restaurants スター
Therefore, I tend to order this menu SAZANKA.
  • 2 bite-size pork fillet cutlets or pork loin cutlet
  • minced beef and pork cheese-filled cutlet.
This time, I chose pork loin cutlet. If you prefer lean meat, I recommend the 2 bite-size pork fillet cutlets. On the other hand, pork cutlet fat brings the real taste of the cutlet as long as the quality is good, which is true at Wako. You can enjoy the cutlet with sauce on your table. Another recommendation is to grated radish as an option and use dressing on it. The combination of grated radish and dressing on cutlet makes the dish refreshing 😋

This is how they look like. And I love this minced beef cutlet very much ラブ

My husband ordered a special fillet cutlet set スター

The special set offers some additional seasonings for cutlet — sweet miso sauce, special salt, and grated radish. The cutlet size is 1.5 bigger than normal one 😃

You can enjoy the cutlet in various ways, so if you go to the restaurant with multiple people, ordering this may be a good idea ウインク

Because this was fillet cutlet, it was lighterグッド!
Tender and juicy as well🤤

This is the dressing which we love very much♥ It’s non-oil, so it brings a light and refreshing taste.

You can use the dressing for cabbage, but you can use it for grated radish as well, which becomes a good topping for cutlets.
You can buy it as well 😉

If you’re inclined to try Wako, you can find a near-by one on their web site.

I believe you’ll realize my explanations are not exaggerated once you enjoy their dishes 👋


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