Staying in Club InterContinental Lounge at ANA InterContinental Ishigaki Resort

Thank you for visiting the Umemi blog さくらんぼ
I took a trip to Ishigaki Island in Okinawa, and this is the report of our stay in Club InterContinental Lounge at ANA InterContinental. 🏝

Afternoon tea at club lounge

We did check-in while enjoying afternoon tea at the club lounge 照れ


The room was Club InterContinental Deluxe Room ニコニコ

Actually, this was my second stay at this Club InterContinental Lounge. I chose this hotel again because I loved the comfort of the room ラブ The bed is the best, I slept the best, compared to other hotels on this trip 💨
After taking a walk or relaxing in the room, it’s cocktail time nowカクテル

We can’t drink alcohol, so enjoyed non-alcoholic cocktails ✨

Virgin Sagria ♥ Safe Fuego

Buffet tableスター

Drink menu

Canapes of the day



This was the view from the room. It was a cloudy day 🏝
As you see on the right side, you can enjoy golf (short golf course), if you want 🏌

You can use the club lounge or SALTIDA. Since I have used SALTIDA before, I had breakfast at the lounge this time 飛び出すハート
Buffet tableスター

You can have main dishes as well スター
They are free refills ラブ

Japanese-style main dishes スター

Eggs Benedict French

It was filled with spinach and mushrooms, having truffle on the top!
This was impressively delicious 🤤 and the best dish in the breakfast 🐾

They have a wide variety of fresh juices, milk, soy milk, smoothies, etc. The staff’s top picks are the three types of freshly squeezed mango, pineapple, and orange juice ニコニコ
The freshly squeezed orange juice was flavored with crushed pieces and is delicious.
I also liked the melon and banana danish ♥

Today’s morning special was Tortilla スター
It had an Asian taste. They were all delicious 照れ

Freshly squeezed pineapple and mango juice ♥

Today’s hot sweets were pancakes スター
They were thick and fluffy!

Eggs Benedict French Italian スター

The prosciutto was a bit too salty for me. I should have eaten it first..

I’m full now泣き笑い, and I can’t eat anymore.
I ate more than my husband 💦
That’s how delicious the breakfast was ♥

Thank you for the meal 看板持ち
After lounging around in the room until check-out at noon, I headed to the airport ✈

Something to say

Although the food and room were good, there were a few things that caught my attention at this Club InterContinental, compared to my previous stay.
  • The club lounge was not well staffed. We sometimes had to wait for a while because they didn’t pay much attention to customers. And some staff members didn’t remember the menus well, and we needed to repeat our orders.
  • Previously, after checking in, we received a gift of original soap as a club benefit. This time, the soap was left, but there was no explanation about it. Their website says there would be an introduction of original soap from a soap sommelier. Only those who talked about it may receive a present, but I don’t really understand 🤔
  • Check-out time is usually 11 am, but we asked for a late check-out until noon and it was accepted on the first day. However, on the second day, the staff said our check-out time was 11 am, so we needed to correct it.
  • On the first day, we got informed that “You can use the lounge even after checking out on your way home, so if you have time, please enjoy tomorrow’s afternoon tea again before returning home.”. However, the staff who helped our check-out didn’t say a word about that, only saying “Is there anything else we can do to help you after this?”. I didn’t need any help, so I said no, and then we were guided to the exit and headed to the airport.
Unfortunately, their service quality and hospitality was not as good as the first time. I believe they’ll be improved shortly, and look forward to seeing some positive changes next time.


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