Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay stay experience 3/3: Breakfast, Marriott Platinum member experience

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As a benefit of Marriott Platinum member, we enjoy the lounge since the previous day and it’s breakfast time☀

The lounge breakfast was also fulfilling😆

Warm vegetables and sauce⭐ Scrambled eggs and omelet⭐

Bacon and sausage⭐ French fries🍟Carrot soup🥕

Baguette or gluten-free bread🍞 Granola and toppings⭐

Salad⭐ Smoked salmon, chicken, ham⭐

Warm eggs Benedict⭐ Japanese side dishes⭐ Grilled fish⭐

Chicken meatballs⭐ Beef tendon radish⭐

Chicken stock soup⭐ White rice⭐ Porridge⭐ Udon⭐

Pancakes⭐ Muffins⭐ Croissants⭐ Danish bread⭐

Soft roll⭐ Anpan(Japanese sweet red bean bun⭐ Petit Point⭐ Cream cube brioche⭐ Kyoho Grape Danish⭐

Soy milk, milk, almond milk⭐ Fruits, yogurt, milk drinks⭐

Fresh juice⭐ Hot tea⭐

Here are our plates💨 This is for my husband.

We had a few croissants, and the quality of the bread was high😍 The Japanese-style eggs Benedict was so so💦

Here is me.

I started with a sweet bread💦 All the breads are really delicious♥, especially the cube brioche🤩 It was full of orange-flavored cream and was my favorite♥ No.1🐾

The bacon was also thick, soft, and very delicious. I layered this bacon, pancakes, and omelet together! So delicious〜🤤 Although it’s not pictured, I also enjoyed delicious fat salmon grilled on a grill🐟

The fruit was fresh, leaving my mouth feeling refreshed😆

Then I really wanted to eat red bean paste and muffins😋

The seasoning of the beef tendon and radish was delicious👏 Even after eating a lot of bread, I brought a mouthful of white rice and had this! So delicious〜🤤

Thank you for the meal🙏

After that, my husband was at work until checkout at 4pm. I went to the Maiyu spa, strolled around the hotel, and took a nap in my room😌 I had a relaxing day!

I am grateful to my husband for taking me on this trip ♥

I received the Marriott Bonvoy platinum benefits and was honestly happy😀 There are many Marriott hotels, and each one has different benefits, but I would like to use it again✨

There are certain conditions to become a Platinum member, but if it suits your lifestyle, you can easily accumulate points and enjoy staying at hotels affiliated with Marriott from time to time💨

We have always used the ANA Amex card to accumulate ANA miles. And we enjoy free trip once every two years🛫

I had been introduced to the Marriott Bonvoy card for a long time, but I didn’t really understand the details and just took it in stride. When you decide to switch, it may be cheaper to exchange ANA miles through Marriott.

Once a year, you will receive a free accommodation ticket worth the annual membership fee, and if you meet the conditions like this time, you will become a member and receive benefits!!

Honestly speaking, I should have switched sooner😂

However, it seems that the benefits of having a card have changed since the old days, so I think there are pros and cons😊

For now, my family would like to enjoy using this card for a while🤗

By the way, this time we were able to book a hotel for two people for 19,500 yen by booking directly through the official website😆 Now that the coronavirus pandemic is over, prices are skyrocketing at all hotels, so this was a great deal. I guess we just got lucky and booked it on a low price day!For this price, we were able to check out at 16:00, get a room upgrade, access the club lounge, and use all of the hotel facilities… I can’t say enough about how great this deal was🤩 I hope I can stay at a hotel like this again👏


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