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Matsuya – a place where you can eat beef rice bowl or warm dishes 24/7 at a reasonable price

When you stay in Japan, you may want to eat warm dishes at a reasonable price. Mastuya is a good option for you. It's located near major stations in city centers. Find the nearby store. It's open 24/7. You can order dishes without speaking Japanese. The price range is usually 500 to 70...

THE HOTEL SANRAKU KANAZAWA stay experience 4 – Breakfast at Kanazawa Dining Kizahashi

Thank you for visiting Umemi blog   We enjoyed Kanazawa Dining Kizahashi Japanese-Western buffet breakfast instead of having the breakfast at the club lounge.   First, champagne welcomed us!But we can't drink it💦 Menu Various drinks Various soups Freshly fried tempura, Noto...