Glass Court – Hotel Buffet at Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku

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Grass Court at Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku is famous for its quality buffet. Here’s the report when I visited the Grass Court at Keio Plaza Hotel for the first time in a while!

I had the late lunch buffet from 2:00 pm because there was a cheaper option from that time ニコニコ


Here are some photos of the food. There were so many different types of food, I couldn’t remember all the names 😅

Various appetizers!
There were other appetizers and salads as well スター

Curry, pumpkin soup, Japanese food, pizza, Chinese food スター

Eel bowl, roast beef スター

Western style, Korean cuisine, rice croquettes etc スター

Lots of desserts スター

Fruit, bread, ice cream, crepe スター


I ate too much 💦

Freshly fried tempura! Served with all 4 types of shrimp, shishito peppers, kisses, and sweet potatoes. Crispy and fluffy!
I love rice croquettes ♥
After this, the freshly made pizza came out よだれ
The pumpkin potage was also delicious.
The roast beef also had a lot of lean meat and was soft and easy to eat 照れ

★ Noodles & rice bowls
Soy sauce broth ramen with small dried sardines (left top) was so delicious …
My husband said it was the best ラブ

It was good to have a good sardine soup stock! グッド!

Tom Yum Goong Ramen was spicy! However, the cilantro was a nice accent, and even though my husband and I don’t like cilantro, we were able to enjoy it グラサン

I usually liked Grass Court’s curry, but today’s curry…hmm. Not good 💦

The eel bowl had a sweet sauce, fluffy and delicious shyness 照れ

I love the cheesecake here ♥
Previously, the shortcake had strawberries sandwiched between the sponges, but this time it changed to strawberry creamあせる

Crepe Suzette had a butter sauce with orange peel. I usually top it with ice cream, I chose milk ice cream this time.
My choice was just right ラブ飛び出すハート

This time, I made an experiment ニコニコ
The freshly fried tempura sweet potato was sweet and sticky, so I thought it would go well with the milk ice cream.
This was so successful よだれ飛び出すハート

Thank you for the meal 照れ

The grass court is comfortable and the service is solid! I didn’t have a window seat today, but I’m always happy to have a spacious table✨

I entered the store at 14:00, but the restaurant was crowded!

Apparently…the price will go up significantly from April💨 So please check the price on their web site.


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