TEN KICHI YA — tempura rice bowl store in Shinjuku

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Whenever we want to eat tendon (tempura donburi, or tempura rice bowl), we go to TEN KICHI YA in Shinjuku.
There are many famous tempura rice bowl stores, especially in the Asakusa area, but I prefer TEN KICHI YA for several reasons 🙂
  • Asakusa is a bit far from my place.
  • Typical tempura rice bowl in the Asakusa area has a moist fried batter with tempura sauce. Some people prefer it, but I personally prefer crisp fried batter.
  • In Asakusa, you probably need to pay 1.5x to twice as much in a famous tempura rice bowl store.
  • There are some other competitive tempura rice bowl stores at the same price range, but I can trust the freshness of the ingredients at TEN KICHI YA. They select and cook lively fish, so the fish doesn’t smell fishy so much. So you can purely enjoy the combination of the taste of ingredients, fried batter, and tempura sauce.
When we visited the store this time, there was a special donburi (rice bowl) for the summer season 指差し

You can use an English menu at the shop.
Also their web site shows the menu, but note that the prices on the site look older and cheaper than the current prices.


You’ll be surprised at how big the ingredients are スター
Everything is fried crispy and fresh. Rice is free refill 照れ

The special summer was accompanied by this soup stock and toppings スター

The store staff recommended us to pour this soup with these toppings onto the rice (you can get another cup of rice, if you want). You can enjoy a Chazuke style rice bowl with a refreshing taste.

We left a small portion of tempura and put it on the rice bowl as well. The crispy batter now becomes smooth and goes well with the soup stock and rice 🤤

Recently the store is always crowded with more travelers from overseas. And the shop tends to close early. It’s better to go there before 6 pm.

TEN KICHI YA offers a special set every season. You can always enjoy seasonal and fresh tempura there 🤗
It may take about 15 minutes to walk from Shinjuku station, if you’re not familiar with the area.


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