Kawamura – Premium Kobe beef steak restaurant in Osaka/Tokyo

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I came to Osaka and visited Kawamura to enjoy high quality beef steak 🤗

Recently you can find many restaurants which offer Kobe beef, even outside Japan 😯

However, it’s not easy to find a high quality Kobe beef restaurant which tells the bloodline of their Kobe beef and who raised it 🤔

Kawamura (or Biftech Kawamura — short for beef steak Kawamura) is one of the authentic Kobe beef restaurants.

Kawamura has several stores in Osaka, Kobe, and Tokyo (Ginza and Roppongi).
Even though every store is good (I used to visit the Ginza one and that was amazing too), the one I visited near Osaka station is only called “PREMIUM”. It seems the store is the main store, and their staff said that lunch in the PREMIUM store is more reasonable than other stores ウインク

I had heard this explanation when I visited there for the first time, so I wanted to come again this time 😁 They offer not only Kobe beef, but also  domestic beef steak at a lower price as well. That is also good, and we enjoyed it this time at lunch time.

Inside the restaurant

This is the counter seat areaスター

We were able to use a private room this time スター


By making a reservation from their official site, we got a free drink for a toast. 照れ

Lunch course of 90g and 120g of domestic beef fillets指差し
There were 3 of us there today, so the photo shows 3 servings!
Because we slowly enjoyed the lunch, even 90g was surprisingly fulfilling キラキラ

Grilled vegetables 🤤

Grilled meat 🤤
Grilled Japanese black beef with soy sauce jellyスター

Delicious fatty meatラブ
No odor and a refreshing taste!

Corn soupスター
It was a light corn soup!

Salad スター
Crunchy! The dressing was so delicious❤️

Finished steak ステーキ
Zucchini, eggplant, onion, and paprika! So sweet❤️
And fillet! So tender ❤️
You can enjoy it with sauce or salt as you likeニコニコ
It’s great to feel the flavor of the meat with just salt!!

You can choose bread or rice and I selected riceスター
You can also change to garlic rice for an additional 1,000 yen ニコニコ
This white rice was delicious and had just the right hardness 🤤

Last time I visited, I changed to garlic rice✨ Here is a photo from that time

Finally, put the meat between bread and make it into a beef sandwich ♥

The garlic chips and sauce add a nice accent to the seasoning, doubling the flavor ⤴ラブ

The dessert was Hojicha (roasted tea) ice cream スター
Ice cream is a refreshing dessert after meat ♥
It was so rich and delicious … ラブ

Thank you for the meal 看板持ち
This meat has no smell and is very easy to eat!
The service was good and very comfortable おねがい




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