THE HOTEL SANRAKU KANAZAWA stay experience 4 – Breakfast at Kanazawa Dining Kizahashi

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We enjoyed Kanazawa Dining Kizahashi Japanese-Western buffet breakfast instead of having the breakfast at the club lounge. キラキラ
First, champagne welcomed us!
But we can’t drink it💦


Various drinks スター

Various soups スター

Freshly fried tempura, Noto beef croquettes, and various grilled fish スター

Various Japanese dishes スター

Various sashimi (sliced raw fish) and sushi スター
There were also a mini bowls!

Temari sushi, Inari-sushi (Sweet-and-salty fried tofu filled with sushi rice and ingredients), and various pressed sushiスター

A variety of Western foods, including Kanazawa local gourmet Hanton rice スター
Soybean yogurt, natto スター

Salad, waffles, french toastスター

Eggs Benedict, fries, meat dishes, croquette burgers, grilled eggs etc スター
The potato fries were so rich and sweet よだれ

Honey from the beehive スター

Various breads and desserts スター

Anyway, the menu was too rich to try everything びっくり


ダウンHere’s what we ate ニコニコ
The three appetizers shown in the first photo below were brought to us as soon as we were seated!




Everything I ate was delicious, and the seafood paella had a rich seafood extract…full of flavor キラキラ
Because the hotel is right in front of Omi Market(?), the sashimi and sushi toppings are so delicious that you can easily tell they’re very fresh キラキラ
Soybean yogurt and natto are also exquisite キラキラ
The French toast was always freshly baked, and the inside was soaked with egg extract, making it soft and fluffy よだれ It was so delicious that I had to get a second helping.
I wanted to eat more variety… キューン
It was an unforgettable breakfast experience, and I wish I could enjoy it again someday 飛び出すハート


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