Breakfast buffet at Lorraine in Hotel Keihan Kyobashi Grande


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I stayed at Hotel Keihan Kyobashi Grande during Golden Week (consecutive holidays in May).
The room was small, but that was not a big deal.
The hotel price is quite reasonable, and more importantly, it’s quite convenient! It’s connected to Kyobashi station.
And they offer breakfast buffet, which is another major reason I stayed there ニコニコ
Restaurant Lorraine飛び出すハート

High ceiling and open feel ◎


Salad, rice ball スター

Various small Japanese dishes スター

Oven-roasted chicken balls and vegetables, sautéed pork belly, sausage スター
Xiaolongbao, shumai, miso soup, curry スター

Stewed beef tendon, skewers, takoyaki, okonomiyaki スター
Although it’s not pictured, there was fried blowfish too!

Curry-flavored potato gratin, fried lotus rootスター

Breads スター
They are freshly delivered from a famous bread factory Narutoya.

Deserts スター
Small cakes, fruits, Japanese sweets

Drinks、flakes スター
Mix juice🍌
Mix juice is a locally famous milk drink typically containing banana, apple, yellow peach and orange.

Eating ニコニコ

The flavors were well balanced and everything was delicious!
The mixed juice has a button on the side, so it’s better to stir it 2 or 3 times☝️ Of course it’s delicious🤤
Osaka is famous for its flour-based cuisine, so both takoyaki and okonomiyaki were delicious as expected 🤤
If you want to stay at a reasonable price and a convenient place in Osaka, this hotel may be a good option.


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