THE HOTEL SANRAKU KANAZAWA stay experience 2 – Cocktail hour, Hotel interior

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Since it’s cocktail time, snacks to go well with alcohol would be the normal lineup, but it was not in a good sense ♥

It was so rich that it could be used as a substitute for dinner 照れ

The croquettes in the croquette sandwich were still crispy 🤤
Raw wheat gluten in Jibuni miso soup was so delicious 🤤
I also enjoyed caesar salad, rolled sushi, and more 🤤

My husband and I don’t drink alcohol, so we toasted with Kaga-bo-cha (roasted tea from local tea leaves) !

Even those who don’t drink alcohol like us can enjoy the food selection 100% ルンルン

Hotel interior

The carpets in the hotel are really nice…

The illuminated courtyard was also beautiful✨


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