THE HOTEL SANRAKU KANAZAWA stay experience 1 – Bus, Club lounge, Room

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This time, we visited THE HOTEL SANRAKU KANAZAWA.

Free shuttle bus from Kanazawa station

There is a free shuttle bus at the west exit rotary of Kanazawa Stationおねがい
The shuttle bus departing from the west exit of Kanazawa Station firstly stops at Kanazawa Hakuchoji Hotel Sanraku, and then arrives at The Hotel Sanraku Kanazawa hotel.
You can also use public transportation services.
About public bus:
Please take Kanazawa Loop bus (left loop /counter clockwise service)
at the terminal #6 or Hokuriku Tetsudo bus at the terminal #8, #9 or #10 at the East exit of Kanazawa station.
Please get off at “Musashigatsuji/Omicho Market” bus stop, and our hotel is located within 4 minutes walk from the bus stop.


This hotel is a new hotel that opened in December 2022 ✨

Check-in and afternoon tea at club lounge

The room we were staying in was Club Twin. We did check-in at the club lounge.
The lounge has 3 rotations of food services. We enjoyed the afternoon tea just after the check-in ラブ
The cakes are sold separately at the dining restaurant on the first floor びっくり
All kinds of them are all you can eat in the lounge 泣き笑い
I’m crazy about cakes. It was a happy time…


Financier and Madeleine⭐

Mini canelé, donut⭐
There was also Haagen Dazs
For the salty type, there are various kinds of wheat gluten soup⭐

Luxury tea bags

There were also plenty of drinks, even Yakult ⭐

A variety of local pottery that made in is full of Kanazawa characteristics ⭐
The plates and cups were all so nice, and delicious food tasted even better ラブ
It seems that financiers, donuts, cookies, and Haagen-Dazs are available at all times of the day, so we only had cake, and we split half of almost every type泣き笑い

All the cakes I ate were really delicious and of high quality ✨
The Mont Blanc cream puff and matcha cake were especially delicious よだれ

Hotel room

After that, we moved to this roomDASH!
Club twin rooms usually don’t have the courtyard view, but I could barely see the courtyard!
This room seems to be designed so that you can see the courtyard, and the rooms without a view of the courtyard seem to be priced a little cheaper, but we were able to open the curtains without worrying about people watching us. So the room had a positive aspect in a sense ウインク
The amenities are Bvlgari! There were luxurious skin lotions and bath salts.
There were two types of slippers in the room: non-disposable ones and disposable ones, and the disposable slippers were super fluffy ✨
As a club benefit, all drinks in the fridge were free!
I was surprised to find 2 liters of water for the cafe !!
That’s a nice serviceウインク
The cups in the room were also lovely ♥
There are no photos, but the spoons were also gold ✨

Walk around the hotel

I ate too much cake…, so I went for a walk around the hotel.
There are many historical and good sightseeing spots near the hotel.
Oyama Shrine (map)

Kanazawa Castle Park (map)
Kenroku-en (map)


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