Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay stay experience 1/3: check-in, afternoon tea at lounge


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I often visit the Sheraton at the buffet💨 This time, I created the Marriott Bonvoy Premium Card half a year ago and upgraded to Platinum, so I decided to stay at the hotel to see what kind of benefits I could receive🤔

Took the shuttle bus from Maihama Station, and taking a photo from the inside of the bus📷

Check-in was at 15:00, but we arrived around 14:00! There was already a line waiting for check-in in the lobby… There seemed to be a counter for Premium members only, but I didn’t notice it and just waited in ordinary line💦

We waited in line for about 30 minutes before it was our turn! This time, I reserved the cheapest option, which is a standard twin room (with a shared bathroom) and no breakfast🤭

As a platinum benefit, I was upgraded to a Grande Room (with a separate bathroom and toilet) on a high floor😍It was only 2:30 pm, but the room was ready and I was able to enter.✨

The view from the room✨I would have preferred a park view, but I still loved it😚

As a part of Platinum benefits, we could choose one of these options.
1. Marriot Bonvoy 1,000 points
2. Breakfast for 2 persons
3. Local sweets

Because we could use a hotel lounge and have breakfast there, we choose the Marriot Bonvoy points. 

As another benefit, we could choose one of these, and we choose free Spa tickets.
Free use of facilities in the hotel
1. Parking lot usage fee
2. Spa for 2 persons
3. Indoor kids playground for 2 persons

And best of all, we were able to stay late until 16:00 as a late check out option👏
However, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to check out at 16:00, so it may be better to book on a weekday, as it depends on the availability of the next day🙄
I made a reservation from Sunday to Monday.

I put my luggage down and headed to the club lounge on the 12th floor😋

Around 14:45…All day snack service was available!☝️

It was a large lounge with views of both the park and the ocean 😊

Kisses Chocolate ⭐️Calpis Candy⭐️

Unfamiliar crackers⭐️

This was surprisingly delicious♥

For drinks, there were many servers next to this table as well 🤗

Light snacks available from 3pm


Jam, clotted cream⭐️

Cream cheese tart⭐️

Baked sweets⭐️

I was lucky to have an empty seat on the park view side✌

A new area of DisneySea looked almost ready😍

Afternoon tea with a view of dreamland👏

These scones were so delicious😍!

Warm, soft and easy-to-eat scones! The next day at 3pm, I went there just to get this scone😅

Thank you for the meal🤗

After this, the evening cocktail service from 4pm has a restriction…

1 hour per group, 1 use💦

Inspired by these scones and hungry, we went early from 4pm.


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